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[33] Wallpapers

I'm back people !!
hahahha it's been decaaaaaaades since my last post! ( IKR *___* )
therefore, i sacrificed watching Music Bank today and uploaded these hardwork of mine :D
please forgive my hiatus without even informing in advance ! 
i hope u guys are still here supporting [info]okimiyage 
btwww, as u can see, i ditched korea when i was away, they're addictive !!
so please be aware of me bombarding u people with moaaar graphics featuring korean bands, particularly Big Bang and 2ne1 !!
but since this is a JE graphic comm, of course i will not neglect the JE hot guys !
just stay tuned for more upcoming candy eyes yo!
lastly, thanks for 5000+ members !! ♥♥


[4] 2ne1
[2] 4minute
[5] T-ara
[2] Erika Toda
[2] Nagasawa Masami
[2] Arashi
[1] Akanishi Jin
[7] NEWS
[7] Big Bang

Sorry for making them only 2 sizes ! 

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Kimmy is on HIATUS~

sorry  i should've announced this sooner.
as the title says, i'm going on a hiatus.

i'll be sure to release the rest of the K8 layouts this week though, so sorry for the delay. real life seems to have gotten a bit complicated these days and i need to focus on some other projects. i will be coming back though!!! do not worry!!! the community is in good hands!

to the other mods: feel free to put together little projects, like the one concerning icon battles i had mentioned a while back. i trust you will fill the comm with lovely graphics :D

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49 icons {Nakamaru Yuichi, Taguchi Junnosuke, Dong Hae, Lee Teuk, Hee Chul, Eun Hyuk, Kyu Hyun, Sung Min, Ye Sung, Ki Bum}
01 banner {Kamenashi Kazuya}
01 wallpaper {Dong Hae}

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Download all here (for my dear friend who cannot see anything from my photobucket ;___;).

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From now on, all graphic posts at okimiyage will be opened to public for only THREE DAYS, and request posts should be members-locked immediately, so please join to view all our graphics.

I'm sorry if this might cause troubles for anyone, but we have proper reasons why we're doing this. A lot of people out there use our graphics without credits, and some even said they didn't know where they took it from, and most of these people are not members of the community. That's why we're making the community members-locked and I have a favor to ask you guys: if you stumble upon someone who uses our graphics WITHOUT credits, please leave a comment anywhere in the community. Thank you :)
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GRAPHICRITMEME means Graphics Critique Meme, where you can freely tell us what you really think about okimiyage's graphics. I've just noticed that we've had about 1400 members already and it would be fantastic if we can hear what people think about our graphics. For example, you like my coloring, but my cropping sucks or something like that, just feel free to say it. And I ALLOW ANONYMOUS COMMENTS here so don't worry, just SAY WHAT YOU THINK okay? I don't expect compliments only, and this will be really helpful and by doing this you will help us improve a lot. And please don't just say "okimiyage's graphics are...", because "june_natsuyuki's icons are..." would be much much more helpful. Say WHOSE graphics you are commenting about, please.

So what are you waiting for? Please click leave a comment right now, and remember, leave anonymous comments when you feel like doing so.

Thank you :)

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Suggestions Post

Actually I ran out of ideas so...


This post is where you can suggest us to make icons / banner / header / background image from your scans, or maybe a new layout style, or a font that is amazingly beautiful, really, anything, just leave a comment in this post. It doesn't mean that we will use all those ideas, but, really, feel free to suggest anything! I suppose mostly it'll be scans, and yes I'm looking forward to pretty scans, because I ran out of scans lately :( [I've wasted all my new scans on that last icons post so... xD]. This is NOT a request post, but let's think about it, if you can't grab a spot on Kimmy's layout request post, and you have a picture that you've always wanted to have a layout based on it, why don't you suggest here?

And if it's your scans / brushes / textures / fonts / anything that we use, we'll definitely put you into our resources posts, so don't worry ^^

Again, please feel free to suggest anything, we I need you guys~~~~~~~~
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Junie's resources