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{okimiyage} ; a JE graphics community
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graphics featuring your favorite JE boys & more

[Okimiyage] n. (oh-ke-me-ya-ge) 1. A parting gift 2. Rememberance.

hello and welcome to {okimiyage} a graphics community where kimmyxfleur, kylinkwan, june_natsuyuki, aulxdayz & stupidfactory share all kinds of JE goodies. Goodies ranging from icons to layouts. Although most graphics here are JE related, graphics of other fandoms will occasionally pop up.

ALL GRAPHICS ARE LOCKED AFTER 3 DAYS. If you are only watching the community you will not be able to view our locked posts. PLEASE JOIN TO VIEW ALL GRAPHICS.

1. NO HOTLINKING PLEASE! this applies to icons and banners. please upload icons and such onto your own server.
2. No trolling or bashing of the mods/artists here. If caught you will be kicked out
3. Please comment & credit when using our graphics. Comments arent necessary, but they are nice : ]
3. DO NOT STEAL any graphics and claim them as your own. Please all the artists here work very hard on their graphics.
4. Have fun ne.

Please stop by & check out all our affiliates

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{Kimmy} i enjoy making simple, fresh, clean graphics featuring lovely JE boys. i set up this community because i wanted to share the many graphics i make, most being layouts. i make graphics ft. NEWS, ARASHI & KAT-TUN, but other fandoms have a way of popping up.

{tegopig} i make icons, banners and sometimes wallpapers featuring mainly NEWS. when im motivated i'll make Arashi, HSJ or some female artists/models graphics too. making graphics is the best way to kill my time XD

{Junie~} I have an obsession with this guy named Kamenashi Kazuya and a fetish for pretty boys in glasses, and my all time favorite group is KAT-TUN, but i also like NEWS, SHINee & Super Junior. I make icons, banners, wallpapers & layouts featuring mostly beautiful Asian males (esp. those guys above XD).

{aul} My hobbies are making icon, banner, and wallpaper;
Since I LOVE J-Pop and K-Pop, most of my graphics contain JE boys and SM Entertainment boys :) And from my entire random fandom; my #1 is KAT-TUN. And one more thing, my eternal OTP is AKAME. Yoroshiku! *konkon-ed*

{jackie} I make primarily Arashi and Arashi-related products, but am not afraid of venturing into other realms of the JEverse should the need arise. :D I tend to stick to icons, but the occasional header or banner is likely to crop up from time to time.

{Theresa} I especially love making icons! In every 100x100px box, you'll see pretty faces. From Japanese to Korean! DBSK is my #1. But of course, i still love KAT-TUN, NEWS....(and this can go on and on and on).

{Hoa} I make icons, banners, (sometimes) headers & wallpapers (though I have the tendency to stick to icons all the time) If you prefer simple & clear icons, then I am here to accommodate your needs xD My eternal bias is Nishikido Ryo & I'm sorry in advance if you see Ryo everywhere in my batches. I enjoy making graphics featuring NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN & other Kpop's artists such as: Super Junior (the list may get longer as my fandom grows bigger...)

stylesheet: estiloamor
profile: kimmyxfleur

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